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Lollies, Promotional Confectionery and Promotional Mints are a sweet way to remind your customers of your company. Most of us love lollies, and they are an inexpensive and very effective way of promoting your company, in some cases we can even colour match them to your company colours, for that very classy business appearance, which is enhanced by being able to have a full colour print choice, of your logo for most of them. Always popular when distributed to your customers, or given away at trade shows.

Promotional mints are also very popular lately, and there is some great packaging available, for example we offer a motor vehicle shaped mint card, full of tasty sugar free mints, that all our motor dealer customers use as a thank you, as it is left in the car, after customers get their car serviced. Also tins of mints, and a huge range of other containers to package your mint choice in, and all styles of mints are available, whether they are soft chewy styles, or hard styles, there are also individually wrapped options, in small singular custom printed plastic bags.

We also have all the popular Promotional lollies styles like jelly snakes, strawberries, humbugs, chocolates, racing cars, rock candy, milk bottles, jelly beans and lots more. All of them are placed into an excellent range of packing options, with your custom printed details on them. At Stand Out Promotions, we can do just that, help your business to stand out from the rest by choosing promotional lollies that suit your company's message and branding. If you are not sure what kind of product is right for your business, call our friendly team today.

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