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Professionals are very busy people that can do a lot of travelling.  Why not help them out while also marketing your company by giving them a promotional ceramic mug.

We have a range of travel mugs in different shapes and sizes that can be branded with your company’s logo.  We also pride ourselves on having the best promotional mugs around. 

We pride ourselves on being an industry leader in Promotional Travel Mug and Ceramic Mug production.  We have gained a reputation of excellence and always deliver a quality product to our clients.  The team at Stand Out Promotions have been creating promotional products for over 20 years. Call the experts today!

On this page you will find promotional coffee mugs, and custom printed coffee mugs and promotional glassware, they are available in a large range of colours and styles, and most of our printed coffee mugs and glasses are dishwasher safe, except where mentioned. They can be printed from one colour up to full colour photo prints. We offer a large range of gift boxes to compliment all our products.

Why our promotional coffee mugs are only decorated by a high fired ceramic print method.

At Stand Out Promotions we get regular requests to fix prints that have been done elsewhere by other printers , and by other methods of printing other than a high fired ceramic print. Pad prints and some screen prints will give you a better buying price but in most cases this is only a temporary print.

When talking about prints on ceramics, customers will not like it when their logo or print comes off after scratching , or when dishwashers take effect on the print, and this could have a negative effect on you doing future business with that customer.

Customers of some other companies, are often told that these prints are fired, when in actual fact the ink is just low heat cured, if you try the scratch test with a coin or an abrasive dish washing brush, you will find the print comes off. These other type of prints are sitting on the glaze of the mug , and have no way of being absorbed into the product to give any permanent durability to the print.

We have always decorated our ceramics with high fire ceramic inks. Our prints when applied to the surface of the promotional mug, take a further 4 to 5 hours in one of our 60 foot tunnel kilns at a temperature of 750 to 800 Celsius to insure the durability of the product.

Using the above process bonds the print into the surface glaze of the mug giving you, and your customer a print that won’t rub or scratch off, put our prints to the test and you will see the difference.

It takes time to produce a quality print but the end result gives you and your customer a product that will last for years not months , and in some cases only weeks when using other printing methods.

We have built a reputation over nearly 20 years in decorating for the promotional industry, it takes expertise to deliver a quality product, and I am positive that in your business,  that is what you expect , and would want to deliver to your customer.

Promotional Travel Mugs

While promotional coffee mugs have been in use for decades, promotional travel mugs are a relatively new entrant into the promotional market. This can make them a better choice in some instances as many people are attached to a certain cup or mug - but offices always need more!

Promotional travel mugs on the other hand are a prize to most office workers, something that will be used almost every day. Keeping coffee hot on the journey to work or soup warm until lunch, promotional travel mugs see a lot of use and thus are a fantastic corporate gift and branding opportunity.



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