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Why Promotional Bags?

Promotional bags are a great promotional gift as everyone needs something to help them carry belongings at some time for trips or sports etc. We have an incredibly large range of promotional bags including laptop bags, paper bags, tote bags, reusable bags, calico bags, sports bags, backpacks, duffel bags and cooler bags - plus many more!. We also feature a range of environmentally friendly promotional bags, and eco friendly bags made from fibre or recycled plastic bottles.

One of our most popular orders are conference bags, which can range from a basic sleeve, right up to a multi pocket leather briefcase. Decoration methods include screen printing, transfer printing, embroidery or badges.

Tips for Promotional Bags

A good tip if you are exhibiting at a conference is to put your logo on promotional tote bags, which you then hand out to attendees and any people you see trying to lug around all their many collected brochures and promotional items from other display stands . Many exhibitioners do not use bags, so brochures that seemed great when they were first received soon become a burden.

Soon, whether they visited your stand or not, people will see your logo everywhere as attendees use your bags to lighten their load. This will in turn bring more people to your stand, and not just for the free bags - you will be seen as a popular exhibitor. Plus, every person you give promotional bags to will be grateful, which in turn increases your reputation with them and their friends.

Promotional bags are not just promotional gifts either, they are a branding opportunity. Just as uniforms present a trustworthy, organised company, promotional bags given to travelling staff members will promote your company. This free promotional won't just be confined to clients your staff are visiting, but to other passengers on flights, at airports or other destinations and meeting places as well. We have a range of promotional bags for travel ranging from laptop cases and sleeves to full luggage.

Promotional bags, just like promotional caps, can be used outside your market as well. If your company is running or sponsoring a charity activity, or even if you have organised willing staff to participate in a charity activity, promotional backpacks or other types of bags can be given or donated to participants. This is a clever way of further promoting your company's interest in the cause and your branding will be seen by passers-by and possibly even in the media.

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