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Have you done it?

Have you used promotional marketing to increase sales and goodwill, familiarise your company name and logo and gain repeat business? The applications are as varied as imagination, and unlike other forms of advertising, promotional products are very personal and capitalise on word of mouth. The recipient becomes like an unpaid sales person!

Unlike direct mail advertising, which can quickly find itself in the rubbish bin, or traditional media, which is expensive and easily forgotten, promotional products and corporate gifts is advertising which can literally last for years. Therefore, your cost per exposure to your client can become very low indeed, making promotional products excellent value for money. Besides, it is probably the only form of advertising your client will ever thank you for.

Consider Promotional Products Brisbane and Promotional Items Promotional marketing can be used for...


Business gifts of appreciation.


Sales and membership incentives.


Alternatives to product markdowns or discounts.


Building better business relationships & loyalty.


Marketing campaigns, competitions, prizes.


New product launches, trade nights, conferences.


Informing customers of a new phone number or address.


Breaking the ice with new accounts.


Memory prompt for established accounts.


Adding to an already popular range of merchandise for retail sale.


Building databases with barcodes, e.g. scanning keyrings with a logo on one side and a barcode on the other side; or inviting a response in order to receive a free promotional product gift, e.g. filling out a questionnaire.


Part of your marketing mix and combining with other forms of media.

These are just a few of the possible applications of promotional marketing, so as you can see, they really will work for you ''24 hours a day, 7 days a week".

Effective advertising means it's not costing,
it's paying!


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