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Promoting your business is essential to growth and productivity, and there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to achieve your promotional goals. One popular option is using giveaways branded with your business logo and information. Do you ever go to the bank? Have you noticed how all the information about the bank is printed on the pen you use to fill out your information? This is an example of personal products branded for a business.

Choosing a Product

You will find there are many different products you can choose from, like promotional sunscreen or promotional wristbands. There are also pens, balloons, tote bags, calendars, key chains and much more. Which promotional item or items should you choose? Well, whenever possible you want to use a related item, either something that makes sense with your business or for a promotional event. For example, if you are a beauty salon, you could use items related to beauty and skin care, such as the promotional sunscreen.

Of course, if you are hosting or participating in an outdoor event such as a local festival, you could choose branded drink bottles, can huggies or even ball caps. These items may not directly relate to your particular business but they are appropriate for the venue you are participating in and therefore a great way to market your business.

Why use giveaways, particularly wearable promotional products? What is the best form of marketing or advertising? Word of mouth is the gold standard and when your business is prominently displayed on wearable items or items people use every day, you have instant “word of mouth” and people do not have to say a word!



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